How to win an election when the chips are down. From GOP playbook.

Own the media (done)

2. Own the voting machines (done)

3. Purposely bias polls, and use the media to convince people that the vote is legitimate. (done)

4. When things are really looking bad resort to “Plan B”.

    Bad is defined as:

  • The general populace has really had enough of your bullshit
  • Democrats have finally caught on that you actually have rigged the voting machines

Plan B:

1. Announce far ahead of time that the voting machines are rigged, and if you lose, it is because the democrats have rigged the vote. Say this a lot (with the help of the media), so it appears that the democrats are in control of the voting machines. (in process)

2. Just before the elections, heighten the terror alert, or drag out some scapegoat of a plot to put in the news.

3. Rig the election as usual, and the media pundits will rationalize for you how security concerns changed voter choices in the final days (the best part is the pundits will be unwitting participants, they don’t even need to know the real truth)

4. The democrats will not be able to claim the vote was rigged, because it now appears that if anyone could rig the vote, it was the democrats (see step 1 of Plan B)

How do we “defuse” Plan B? The democrats need to start speaking up now, and loudly about who owns the voting machine companies, and the linkages to the GOP.

Posted on Democratic Underground by Pobeka

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