Toledo Blade 6/12: Dems to meet Dean to discuss Ohio fraud

Coin scandal concerns resonate to D.C.

June 12, 2005


That’s why some Democratic members of Congress are planning to meet with Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean next week to talk about what happened in Ohio during the 2004 presidential election.

Ohio held the keys to the White House last year, deciding the presidential race by a margin of fewer than 120,000 votes.

"I think there should be an investigation of Ohio," said Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Toledo), who last week put a statement on the congressional record about Ohio’s investment scandal. She said she is hopeful a meeting with Mr. Dean will put Democrats in position to undertake a review of what occurred in her home state.


Cliff Arnebeck, an attorney and co-chairman of the Alliance for Democracy, said the news of Mr. Noe’s coin deal has provided some optimism for people who believe the election was swayed by wrongdoing.

"There’s an excitement that we are getting to the bottom of this," said Mr. Arnebeck, who filed lawsuits on behalf of voters after last year’s election.

"It is happening at a fairly rapid time frame. It’s phenomenal in terms of what has been uncovered. It dramatizes what I think is fair to describe as a culture of corruption," he said.


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