I saw it coming, did you?

Remember seeing massive Kerry rallies, open to the public, with thousands and thousands of supporters lining the streets? Remember Bush’s hand picked rallies where people had to sign a loyalty oath just to attend, and any protesters that snuck in were strong armed out? Remember the hugely successful Democratic registration drives, registered droves of new Dems, much more successful than the Repub. drives?

Then there was election day, when Bush was told mid-day that he had lost. It was true. Then a miracle happened – Bush won! I shook my head in disbelief and hit the net. Stories were springing up everywhere of voter suppression and machine errors, so I checked the network news……nothing!

I knew the fix was in. Simply impossible for this dribbling idiot to win again (er…for the first time, since 2000 was fixed). I began cataloging every story I could find on the net or elsewhere on my 2004 election theft page, and I continue to do so to this day. The silence of the main stream media on this issue is maddening. Please join me in spreading this information to everybody around you, I think we will reach a breaking point and awareness of this issue will spread like wildfire, hopefully before they steal elections in ’06, and ’08.

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