CENSUS DATA MATCHED NATIONAL EXIT POLL WEIGHTS(12:22AM, 13047 SAMPLE). Why won’t the media report this?

U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey,
November 2004.

More proof that the Exit Poll of 13047 Respondents at 12:22am
was accurate, contrary to what the die-hard naysayers have
been saying the last six months.

And it’s yet another indicator of fraud.
According to the census, 125.7 million voted.
That’s 3.4 million (2.78%) over the recorded vote.

Of course, spoiled Democratic votes is not news.
It happens all the time.

The Census closely matched the weights of the following
Gender Census Poll
Male 46.49% 46%
Female 53.51% 54%

15-30 12.08% 15%
30-50 20.58% 22%
50-75 20.02% 23%
100-150 13.55% 11%

Some College 30.96% 31%
College Grad 26.84% 26%

Posted on Democratic Underground by TruthIsAll

Read the complete report here.

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