CNN changed their Exit poll numbers

Of all the evidence I have seen that the Republican-owned vote counting machines were rigged, this is some of the strongest.

At 12:21AM, after the polls had closed, the CNN exit polls were showing Kerry winning the popular vote with a 2.5% margin.

At 1:41AM, CNN Drastically changed the Exit poll numbers on their screen (to reflect the numbers coming out of the vote counting machines).

Anyone with a rudimentary knowlege of math can prove the "Updated" CNN exit poll numbers were faked.

Both CNN screens showed that of those polled, 53% were Women, 47% Men.

The 12:21AM screen shows 51% of men voted for Kerry and 53% of women voted for Kerry, and a total of 1,963 were polled.

The 1:41AM screen shows 47% of men voted for Kerry and 50% of women voted for Kerry, and a total polled of 2,020. (57 more people were polled)

12:21AM Calculations:
Of 1,963 polled, 47%(% Men) x 51% (% Men who voted for Kerry) + 53%(% Women) x 53%(% Women who voted for Kerry = 52.1% of 1,963, or 1,022 voted for Kerry.

1:41AM Calculations:
Applying the same calculations to the 2,020 number displayed at 1:41AM, you find only 991 voted for Kerry!?

How can the number of people who said they voted for Kerry DECREASE after 57 people were added to the total?

Time Bush Kerry Total
12:21AM 941 1022 1963
1:41AM 1029 991 2020
Change: +88 -31 +57

After 57 more people were polled, Bush’s total was increased by 88 and Kerry’s total was decreased by 31.…

Has anyone seen an explanation? What is CNN’s explanation? How do the Republicans explain this?

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