November 20,2005
Sheri Myers, CitizensAct


Believe me, I really don’t want to ruin your day. But you need to hear this. This is an URGENT ACTION ALERT. The rally/protest is this Monday in Sacramento, we have ONLY next week to voice our concerns so they go on the record.

If you don’t read this and take action, you are allowing your vote to be stolen. California will turn red.

If you read this and do nothing, you are giving up your rights as a citizen. Do it for your country. Your children. Our future.

All Californians who care about the sanctity of their vote must let Secretary of State McPherson know that they WILL NOT ALLOW him to certify Diebold machines, that they are OUTRAGED that he is undermining our democracy.

McPherson was appointed by Schwarzenegger to replace Democrat Kevin Shelley.Folks, if they can’t win legally, they WILL steal the votes they need. THAT’S YOUR VOTE.

This is a Republican coup, and they are counting on YOU, and ME to do NOTHING. Is it worth FIVE MINUTES OF YOUR TIME to send a FAX, an email or make a call? PLEASE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.

Onward, furiously!
Sheri Myers

Call or write:
Secretary Bruce A. McPherson
1500 11th Street 5th floor
Sacramento, CA95814
916-653-6814 (main menu, press 6, then 3 – starting at 8:00 am Monday)
916-653-3214 (the FAX is on tis weekend)

Tell McPherson we demand an extension of the HAVA Deadlines. The California Election Law says:

19205. The Secretary of State shall establish the specifications for and the regulations governing voting machines, voting devices, vote tabulating devices, and any software used for each, including the programs and procedures for vote tabulating and testing. The criteria for establishing the specifications and regulations shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
(a) The machine or device and its software shall be suitable for the purpose for which it is intended.
(b) The system shall preserve the secrecy of the ballot.
(c) The system shall be safe from fraud or manipulation.

Please contact your CA congressperson: www.congress.org

Here’s the info the Rally on Monday:

Monday Nov. 21, 10 a.m. May be your last chance to block Diebold
Secretary of State’s Office, 1500 11th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

more info: http://www.califelectprotect.net/DieboldNov21Hearing.ht…

Please show up to speak your mind about Diebold. You have two minutes. The vendor has had hours, days, months. Shut up, you’re just a taxpayer. Even if you feel a bit intimidated by the prospect of speaking at a podium, it will feel great to muster the courage to speak your mind and make a difference. You just put your name on a card before the hearing. Speak your mind. Show up a few minutes early. However we recommend for best results, show up by 9:00 a.m. on the west steps of the Capitol building. Just a heads up, something may happen.

Full article with the latest appalling info on Diebold: http://www.blackboxvoting.org
California Election Protection Web site: http://www.califelectprotect.net/home.html

BACK STORY – HOW McPherson is Sticking it to California.

California Sec. of State Disbands Voting Panel, Leans Toward Reversal of Previous Stance Against Diebold! Recertification Hearing on E-Voting Machines Changed at Last Minute, Participants Not Notified

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