the truth about the 2004 Election: why we must not get over it

Download an .iso disk image of‘s wonderful multimedia CD
"the truth about the 2004 Election: Why we must not get over it"

Get the .torrent HERE.

If you’re new to bit torrent, I suggest the Azureus client (Windows, Mac, Linux), or for Windows only, Shareaza.

What is Bit Torrent?

When you open the .torrent file in your bit torrent client of choice (mine is Azureus), and it downloads, as it is downloading, you are AUTOMATICALLY uploading to everybody else that is downloading the file, so, the more people that participate, the faster the downloads become. It’s an excellent way to share bandwidth and download very large files (disc images) at the maximum bandwidth possible.

More info about bit torrent technology.

After you’ve finished downloading, leave your bit torrent window open, so others can DL from you!

On Macintosh, you can use Roxio’s Toast or Apple’s Disk Utility to burn copies.

On Windows, you will need a program to extract the files, like WinISO, or a CD recorder, like Nero, to burn it on a CD.

Burn copies! Distribute!

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