Democracy at Risk: The 2004 Election in Ohio

Democracy at Risk: The 2004 Election in Ohio

Click here to read DNC Chairman Gov. Howard Dean’s remarks introducing the report.

After the 2004 election, there were widespread reports of serious voting problems in Ohio. The Democratic National Committee’s Voting Rights Institute made a commitment to investigate these reports and ascertain exactly what happened on November 2 in Ohio.

An exhaustive five-month investigation by the VRI’s research and investigative team identified grave problems in the administration of Ohio’s voting system. More than 1 in 4 voters in Ohio faced problems at the polls, including illegal requests for identification, long lines, poorly trained election officials, and more. There were also dramatic disparities in voting conditions among different races; African Americans waited nearly three times as long on average as whites to vote.

Most important, the VRI’s comprehensive investigation resulted in concrete recommendations that will help protect every American’s right to vote and to have that vote counted. These recommendations cover voting equipment, training for poll workers, uniform standards, and much more.

Get the facts about exactly what happened in Ohio in 2004, and learn how Democrats are fighting to protect our rights.

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Section by section:

This report includes in my opinion a very flimsy dismissal of fraud in Ohio.  Don’t know why they chose to include it, if not to discourage further investigation.  I recommend the book "Did George W. Bush Steal America’s 2004 Election" by Bob Fitrakis for the bigger picture, as well as the exit poll discrepancy report.

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