9/11: Physical Evidence Contradicts Official Story

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Guest blogged by Winter Patriot Among the 9/11 "research community" there are those who "like" the "physical evidence" and those who "like" the "other evidence". My earlier post this morning…

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

It has been almost four years now since 9/11 and the dust, literally and metaphorically speaking, has settled. It is long overdue that we as a nation take a look at the events of that day with dispassionate, analytical, objective, realistic eyes instead of just accepting the "official" 9/11 story at face value.

I mean, has anyone else noticed that the "official" 9/11 story just doesn’t pass the "smell test"? In fact, it reeks. See, the "official" story isn’t meant to be analyzed but simply taken at face value; this is because at even a cursory examination of the details it unravels VERY quickly. Let’s take a good look at some of the more salient points that tear the guts out of the"official" 9/11 story:

1. Just in watching the video footage of the "collapses" of the Twin Towers and WTC # 7 it is readily apparant they were controlled demolitions. You don’t have to be an engineer or an explosives expert to be able to plainly see the explosions, also the "squibs" of dust jetting out of windows near the blasts, and watch as each building comes down in nine seconds, freefall rate, a feat impossible by the laws of physics UNLESS esplosives were used to disintegrate everything holding the buildings up, i.e. a controlled demolition. The Twin Towers came down like they were made of butter, with ten floors "collapsing" per second. For a more detailed discussion as to how physics rules out everything BUT a controlled demolition as the cause of the "collapses", see:
…And from more of an engineering point of view, see:
…The type of explosives used was likely thermite, as that would account for the otherwise unexplainable large "hot spots" under the WTC rubble still hot weeks after 9/11. The amount of high explosive necessary to "collapse" each of the Twin Towers has been estimated at being at least 14 tons. See:
…In a clip of footage of the North Tower’s "collapse" that was also in the documentary ‘9/11: The First 24 Hours’, the tripod-mounted camera visibly shakes for a couple seconds from the tremor caused by the explosives going off in the sub-basement levels, then a few seconds later we can see explosions about level with the bottom of the pall of smoke, and then the entire building crashes down in nine seconds, a textbook "implosion" or controlled demolition.
Firefighters who survived 9/11 told of hearing, feeling and seeing explosions just before the "collapses". For video of them telling of the explosions, see:
…And for other survivors telling of witnessing the explosions, see:
…A WTC janitor named Rodriguez was almost killed by explosions on 9/11, but the 9/11 whitewash commission ignored his story because it contradicts the "official" myth they’re propagating. See:
…Rodriguez could tell it was a cover-up and began speaking out about what he experienced. Now his life is likely in danger. See:
…The WTC security men on 9/11 told the WTC workers who were trying to leave after the first plane struck to go back inside the buildings! See:
…But the quickest way for someone to see that the "official" 9/11 story is a steaming turd sandwich is to simply watch the video footage of the "collapses" of the Twin Towers and WTC # 7 [hit by no plane and no significant debris but "collapsed" later in the day]. See for yourself:

2. Bush’s behavior on the morning of 9/11 was particularly damning. When Andy Card whispered in his ear that a second plane had hit the WTC then everyone concerned knew it could be no accident, so if the "official" story were true then Bush’s Secret Service chief would have had to assume that Bush was a possible target and the Secret Service [who have the "last word" in any matter regarding his safety] would’ve immediately spirited Bush away to a much safer, less-publicized location. But they didn’t. Instead, Bush was allowed to sit there and be read to by schoolkids for several minutes, then Bush gladhanded with teachers and posed for photos with them, and THEN Bush carried out his pre-scheduled press conference plugging the ‘No Child Left Behind’ act, not leaving that school for almost an hour. This can only mean: Bush and his Secret Service chief had to have known that Bush was not a possible target on 9/11; the ONLY WAY they could have known that is if Bush knew the 9/11 plans beforehand, ergo 9/11 was an inside job. Though Bush’s actions of that morning are well-documented (including a press conference!), nobody in the mainstream media dares to mention what Bush’s tarrying at that elementary school actually MEANS in terms of evidence.

3. What happened to the world’s most expensive Air Force on 9/11? How were the "hijacked airliners" allowed to fly from the time of the first one deviating from its flight plan to the one hitting the Pentagon for an HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES through the most heavily-watched airspace in America, the Northeast, to meander to their targets one of which being the Pentagon (!) all with no interference from the Air Force whatsoever?? The one that hit the South Tower even had enough time to fly PAST its target all the way to Newark, New Jersey before turning around to head back to N.Y.C. to crash into the South Tower! N.O.R.A.D. monitors all domestic civilian air traffic on radar as does the F.A.A. and sees the same things on its radar screens the F.A.A. sees. The Northeast is littered with fighter bases each with at least two fighters and two pilots on standby ready to scramble 24 hours a day, every day regardless of anything else taking place. It is standard operating procedure to scramble fighters to check out an unresponsive airliner, and this scramble requires no higher orders than the airbase commander (since June of 2001 when Cheney changed the rules the actual shoot-down order itself has to come from higher up but there was PLENTY of time for that). So what happened on 9/11 to countermand the standard operating procedure? Every time before 9/11 and since when an airliner deviated from its flight plan or looked in some way like it MIGHT be hijacked, fighters were scrambled and off of the wing of the unresponsive airliner in a FEW MINUTES. In the eight-and-a-fraction months of 2001 before 9/11 this occurred sixty-seven times (each was harmless) and this is not an unusual amount either. So why not on 9/11? Some attribute the Air Force’s lack of response to the several highly-suspicious "exercises" the Air Force was carrying out on 9/11 (more about them later), and though that did shift a lot of aircraft to places other than the Northeast in a most incriminating manner, that still doesn’t account for the ones on standby at fighter bases in the Northeast that could have most certainly pounced on the "hijacked airliners" with plenty of time to spare; General Myers testified that the "exercises" did not hinder their readiness, in fact he said they enhanced it as one would expect during a time of exercises, when readiness is second only to actual wartime, so we can rule that out anyway, and we can expect Myers was being candid as in that position he would be thought to be "less culpable" for the "failure" if he had "conceded" the "exercises" had hindered their readiness; as for the most part it made him look even more suspicious rather than less, this was likely the truth, as what would be the motive for lying to appear even more susipicious? Besides, the very existence of the"exercises" and their nature are highly suspicious as we’ll address a little later, (as a cover for the real-world events) and conceding that should send up large red flags of caution to any "official" story apologists. So we are left with the question, just what are the odds of the world’s most expensive Air Force being totally asleep at the switch for one particular day in one particular year, the very day when they were needed the most? Maybe one in a million? For more information regarding the Air Force’s incriminating impotence on 9/11, see:

4. The "airliner" that crashed into the Pentagon didn’t hit it on the side from which it was approaching; no, instead it circled around and hit it in the part that was under renovation at the time with much less military personnel present. The part that was hit had just before 9/11 been heavily [structurally] reinforced so that a large fire there wouldn’t spread elsewhere in the Pentagon, and it was ALSO the part of the building farthest from where Rumsfeld and the top military brass were and are located. These amazing fortuitous "coincidences" were mentioned briefly in the mainstream media, such as an ABC affiliate:
Also remember that the Pentagon, seat of the Department of Defense and well-equipped with surface-to-air missile (SAM) launchers fired no SAMs in its own defense! Not even one!! Also note that the "airliner" that crashed into it left no wings, no tail section, no fuselage, no luggage parts etc. on the Pentagon’s lawn as would have occurred if a real airliner crashed there. It didn’t even put a gouge in the lawn!! Within five minutes of the crash the F.B.I. was seizing the tapes of at least two civilian security cameras that happened to be pointing at the crash site, one being from a hotel’s parking lot and the other from a gas station. The tapes were never seen again. For more about the gas station camera’s tape, see:
Furthermore, the original hole in the Pentagon’s E-ring wall (not the larger section blown out a half hour later with explosives) was only about 16 feet in diameter, way too small. For some photos of the original hole and the remarkable gougeless lawn with no wings, no tail section etc., see:

5. There were no Middle Eastern names on any of the four flight manifests; read them over, you’ll find none. Furthermore, by everyone’s accounts the "hijacker pilots" were far too inept to even master flying Piper Cubs, let alone flying airliners like fighter jocks, pulling high G-force turns no real airliner will do.

6. What about the "hijacker’s" passport that was "found" a few days after 9/11 near the WTC rubble? How did it survive the "collapse" and the fire so "intense" we were told it incinerated the passengers, the plane and even the plane’s ‘black boxes’?? (It didn’t; it was obviously planted in a hamfisted attempt to "reinforce" the "official" story). If the "official" story were true then we should start making airliners out of heavy laminated paper with a vinyl cover so they can be "indestructable" like that passport!! Besides, if the passport was "found" there wouldn’t it mean he used it in the boarding process, thus his name would’ve made it onto a flight manifest? The "official" story even contradicts itself. For an interview of a relief worker at Ground Zero regarding the reaction (disbelief) of many or most of the relief workers at the "discovery" of the passport, see:

7. What about the at least seven "9/11 hijackers" that turned up alive and well days AFTER 9/11, wondering why they were being wrongfully accused? Though this was widely reported in foreign media, the castrated American mainstream media largely ignored it, and even today can be heard to sing the chorus of the "nineteen hijackers" as if nothing ever contradicted it! For a few sources, including a BBC article, see:

8. What about the obvious foreknowledge of whoever forewarned some prominent individuals like San Francisco mayor Willie Brown and some military generals to avoid flying and the WTC on 9/11? They promptly changed their plans and cancelled flights. For more information, see:

9. What about the obvious foreknowledge of whoever placed record amounts of "put" orders on the stock of United Airlines, American Airlines and Morgan Stanley-Dean Witter (had HQ in the WTC) in the week just before 9/11? A "put" order is essentially betting that a particular stock is going to drop in value. Though the C.I.A. monitors the stock market for suspicious fluctuations and the S.E.C. can trace whoever placed the "put" orders, they choose not to pursue it. For more information, see:

10. The Air Force had at least five separate "exercises" (wargames) scheduled for 9/11 involving mock "hijacked airliners" and false radar injects. The C.I.A. and National Reconnaissance Office (N.R.O.) also both had "exercises" scheduled for 9/11, the N.R.O.’s involving the premise of "an airplane crashing into a building". The governor of Florida Jeb Bush declared a state of emergency for Florida four days BEFORE 9/11, he said to help to counter terrorism. For that, see:
Remember when I mentioned the WTC security men who were making the WTC workers go back inside the buildings after the first plane struck? The WTC security was courtesy of a company owned by Marvin Bush, "W"’s cousin. See:
…The new owner of the WTC property (in the only time its ownership had changed hands in its history), Larry Silverstein just two months before 9/11 took out a HUGE insurance policy on the Twin Towers and WTC # 7. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (F.E.M.A.) had an "exercise" called Tripod II scheduled for 12 September in Manhattan and "just happened" to arrive in town on 10 September complete with a triage center, all ready for 9/11. As if all this isn’t enough, a company called Controlled Demolitions Inc., specializing in (controlled demolitions and) removal of debris from said demolitions [who was responsible for removing the rubble from the Murrah Bldg. in OKC] also "just happened" to be in Manhattan on 9/11. Their website:
…The odds of all of this just being a string of coincidences is about one in a googolplex, mathematically impossible. For these and many other "coincidences" of 9/11 that if one wants to believe the "official" story one has to believe are just coincidences, see the "Coincidence Theorist’s Guide to 9/11" at:

11. The Bush regime’s actions in the time since 9/11 have shown to be a cover-up. The steel debris from the WTC was all quickly shipped out to China and India to be melted down. Isn’t that destruction of evidence? If the "official" story were true then wouldn’t they want to analyze the steel to see just how "fire" caused these buildings to "collapse"?? And if the steel debris is so "unimportant" then why did F.E.M.A. put a GPS locator tracking device on each semi hauling it to the scrapyard (and thence overseas) and tell the drivers not to stop anywhere or deviate from the route at ALL or they would be fired? There was of course a government cover-up at the Pentagon crash site as well. See:
…The tapes of the New York firefighters’ radio communications from 9/11 were classified for years until about a month ago when a court finally ruled that the N.Y. Fire Dept. had to turn the tapes over to the public, but not after first telling the N.Y.F.D. they can edit out any parts they deem "painful" or "embarrassing" [in other words, anything that contradicts the "official" story]. Soon after 9/11, when surviving N.Y. firefighters started mentioning that they heard and felt explosions just before the WTC "collapses", they were all quickly placed under a gag order to not speak about anything they saw, heard or felt on 9/11. The F.A.A. air traffic controllers who were on duty on 9/11 are under a similar gag order to not speak of anything they heard or saw on their radar screens on 9/11. Sound like a blatant cover-up? That’s because it IS. As part of this cover-up and in response to the growing disbelief at the "official" explanation for the WTC "collapses" and the rest of the "official" myth, the Hearst-owned magazine ‘Popular Mechanics’ purged its editorial staff and writers replacing them with hacks and wrote [a ridiculous straw-man-beating contest of] an "article" that purports to "debunk" theories other than the "official" 9/11 myth. Written by Benjamin Chertoff, the cousin of DHS director Michael Chertoff, this article fails to address the REAL questions raised by those having legitimate doubts of the "official" fable and certainly the only ones who thought the article actually "debunked" anything were those who already would believe ANYTHING if it has the "official" stamp on it anyway regardless of evidence to the contrary. For discussions debunking the ‘Poopular Mechanics’ Chertoff straw man article, see:
…Bush steadfastly opposed even letting a 9/11 commission be formed, only relenting when he was allowed to handpick its members and dictate its scope and focus (narrow, with a predetermined outcome). Even THEN Bush refused to testify in front of it, instead insisting his "testimony" be behind closed doors, to two selected members, NOT under oath, with his weasel attorney Alberto Gonzales and Dick Cheney present, with no tape recording made and the notes taken were confiscated immediately afterwards and destroyed. Now does that sound like a man with nothing to hide?

12. In the late 1990s a group of right-wing nutcases (Cheney-Wolfowitz-Rumsfeld-Feith-Perle et al) called the "Project for the New American Century" or P.N.A.C. laid out their plans for what they thought would secure American global dominance for the long term. Part of that plan was a scheme to build an oil pipeline running from the Caspian Sea oil fields across Turkmenistan, across Afghanistan to Pakistan and a port. The P.N.A.C. also unsuccessfully badgered Clinton to invade Iraq in 1998 because of its massive oil resources as the world’s second-largest oil producer! They openly stated in a paper in September 2000 called "Rebuilding America’s Defenses" that the American public would not support huge increases in defense spending and a more aggressive military posture without some large, catalyzing, galvanizing event like "a new Pearl Harbor". When "W" came to power these madmen became his top advisors. In July 2001 they gave an ultimatum to the government of Afghanistan (the only holdout in their pipeline scheme), saying "Either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold or we’ll bury you under a carpet of bombs". The Afghan government refused, so on 11 September of that year the C.I.A. and highest levels of the military and Bush regime carried out their 9/11 false flag operation, blaming it on "Al Qaeda" and using it as an "excuse" to invade Afghanistan (and tried to use it as an "excuse" to invade Iraq!) and have basically been using it as an excuse for everything else since. 9/11 is their Reichstag fire. For more information about the pernicious machinations of the P.N.A.C., see:

So you might ask, "How did they do it?". On this of course I can only speculate and make an educated guess, so here’s my best guess:

First let’s address the matter of the so-called "nineteen hijackers with plastic knives". Well, we already know as mentioned above that at least seven of them (some say nine or more) turned up alive days later wondering why they were being wrongfully accused, so we can safely say these men were uninvolved. Their passports were stolen abroad by the C.I.A. and collected so they could "add" their identities to the pool of patsies. For more information, see:
… As for the others, we know at least five of them (including Mohammed Atta) were living on the Pensacola Naval Air Station and received very limited flight instruction there. This makes them much more likely to have been C.I.A. assets than "Islamic terrorists". For more information about the "hijackers" living and taking rudimentary flight training at Pensacola N.A.S., see:
…In standard C.I.A. compartmentalization, they were kept uninformed of the details of the larger plan, and their job was basically to leave a "trail" of (not-very-believable) "evidence" like taking rudimentary flying lessons (and doing very poorly by the way). Even the government admits their "trail" wasn’t very believable. See:
…For information about the fake "last letter from Mohammed Atta", see:
…For information regarding the fake "bin Laden" "confession" video, see:
…For special effects experts telling how fake "bin Laden" "confession" tape was easy to make, see:
…For information regarding the fake "Barbara Olson phone call from Flight 77", see:
…In April of 2002 the F.B.I .backpedaled and admitted that the so-called "9/11 hijackers" left no paper trail whatsoever. See:
…At the same time the F.B.I. admitted it also has no evidence actually linking the accused "9/11 hijackers" to 9/11. See:
No_Evidence_/fbi_admitsno_evidence_.html" target="_blank">http://www.americanfreepress.net/051302/FBI_AdmitsNo_Evidence_/fbi_admitsno_evidence_.html
…Shortly after 9/11 the C.I.A.’s patsy "hijacker" fakes were almost certainly killed off. Their purpose had been mainly to "flesh out" the "identities" of several of the "hijacker" patsies enough to make it appear halfway believable unless you looked directly at the matter, which was long enough to get troops into Afghanistan. They had nothing to do with boxcutters or actually hijacking any planes.

Now let’s move to the morning of 9/11. On that morning when each of the four (doomed) real airliners took off, for each of the four a remotely-piloted drone also took off, mirroring its airliner’s flight plan but at a considerably higher altitude. Three were smallish in size, about like a large fighter (it is highly likely that at least one if not three were in fact remotely-piloted obsolete A-3 Skyraiders taken from storage at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, the Air Force’s boneyard). The other one was a remotely-piloted Air Force fuel tanker aircraft (based on the Boeing 757 airframe, the tankers having been produced since the late 1970s). All were presumably painted up in United Airlines and American Airlines livery. All the drones were flown by controllers on board an Air Force E-3A Sentry A.W.A.C.S. aircraft. For more information on remotely-piloted drone technology, see:
…Anyway, at a certain point in each real airliner’s flight, N.O.R.A.D. contacted the pilot of each and told him of a [fake] "terrorist threat" to some unspecified airports, and to turn off his transponder and head out over the Atlantic to loiter there in a racetrack pattern until it could be determined which airports were "safe" for landing. So the civil airline pilots do as they’re told, and as each real airliner peels off to begin heading to the Atlantic, its "mirroring" drone turns and begins to head for its target. Meanwhile, fighter pilots patrolling over the Atlantic as part of the Air Force’s aforementioned "exercises" see [eventually] four unidentified blips on their radar (which are the four real airliners with their transponders off). N.O.R.A.D. then contacts the fighter pilots and tells them the unidentified blips are really "drones" that are simulating "hijacked airliners", and they are cleared to shoot them down, so they do, and if those fighter pilots are still alive today (doubtful), then they probably still think they were shooting down drones for target practice on 9/11. The real airliners are in small pieces on the bottom of the Atlantic. Then a smaller drone hits the North Tower (hence the early reports of a "small plane" hitting it, and the thing in the Naudet brothers’ ameteur footage that is definately NOT a Boeing 757). For the Naudet brothers’ ameteur video footage see:
…Seventeen minutes later, when the media’s cameras are on the scene, the fuel tanker drone crashes into the South Tower (hence the huge Hollywood action movie fireball, and the early reports by eyewitnesses that said the "airliner" that hit the South Tower had no windows). For mention of the "no windows", see:
…Then a smaller drone hits the Pentagon (hence the early reports of a "small plane" hitting it, and the absence of an airliner’s wings, tail section, fuselage etc.). The fourth drone (also smaller) was likely intended for the Capitol Building or the White House, but since the other three hit perfectly this "insurance" drone was not needed, so another fighter pilot, this one from the North Dakota Air Nat’l. Guard was told by N.O.R.A.D. that the drone was a "real hijacked airliner" that was headed for Washington D.C. so he is ordered to shoot it down. So he does (near Shanksville, Penn.) and if he’s still alive today (again doubtful), then he probably still thinks he saved the Capitol Building or the White House.

As for the explosives that were in the WTC, these were most likely installed years before, back in the aftermath of the 1993 WTC van bombing as a secret clause of the insurance companies just in case another bombing or an earthquake etc. ever made the Twin Towers unstable they could be evacuated and brought down right into their footprints with no risk of them toppling over onto other buildings (you know how insurance companies loathe undue risk). They were wired to be set off from the mayor’s emergency command center in the concrete bunker on floor 23 of WTC # 7 building, itself rigged with explosives. So on 9/11, when the fire in the South Tower started dying, and their "reason" for a "collapse" with it, they set off the South Tower’s charges and "collapsed" it right down into its footprint. Exactly thirty minutes later the North Tower’s charges went off and it too "collapsed". Later in the day they set the timer on the charges in WTC # 7 (or remote-detonated it, one of the two) and brought it down as well, destroying the evidence in the command center.

So we have reviewed twelve points that individually disprove the "official" 9/11 story, and taken together shred the "official" story into confetti. As emotion is the enemy of reasoning, I know it may be hard to accept on an emotional level that our own government that milked 9/11 for every possible drop of political clout they could get are the ones responsible, but emotion has to take a backseat to cold reasoning. The truth isn’t always pretty, but it is the truth nevertheless and everyone should be made aware of it.
For more websites and pages relating to the 9/11 inside job, see:
…For former Labor Dept. official Morgan Reynolds saying he thinks 9/11 was most likely an inside job, see:
…For British former MI5 agent David Shayler saying 9/11 was an inside job, see:
…For the general in charge of Russia’s air force stating that the "official" 9/11 story is an impossibility, see:
…For Larry Silverstein, owner of the WTC, mentioning in an interview in 2002 that he had WTC # 7 "pulled" (demolitions parlance meaning "demolished"), see:
…For information about the Los Angeles county citizens grand jury in November 2004 reviewing six solid hours of 9/11 evidence and unanimously deciding that the Bush regime was behind it, see:

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