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Bactrim No Rx, One million Democrats attempting to vote in this year’s primaries found their names missing from voter rolls. WHERE THE HELL DID THEY GO?Palast and Kennedy

Law professor Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and journalist Greg Palast are launching an investigation, Bactrim canada, mexico, india. We want to know: where are these votes. Who swiped them, Bactrim No Rx. How. Bactrim alternatives, And how do we prevent it from happening in November.

The investigations team needs your help. RIGHT NOW. Bactrim No Rx, The not-for-profit Investigative Fund needs support to pay the cost of phones, airfare, microphones (hidden, when needed), detective agency fees, camera crew, researchers and all the infrastructure of inquest.

We need, kjøpe Bactrim på nett, köpa Bactrim online, right now, two dozen Producers to put up at least $1000 each to pay for the preliminary investigation and production. Bactrim overnight, You’ll get a tax deduction, a box loaded with DVDs of the finished films now planned from broadcast internationally – and maybe, just maybe, an honest election, Bactrim pics.

Because it’s our plan to put out the information on the manipulation of the vote BEFORE November.

Can’t put up $1,000? Then donate $500 and get a package of all of my books and DVDs signed to you, order Bactrim from United States pharmacy. Even a $100 gift will be put to good use – and we’ll send you my three latest DVD films, including “The Elections Files” (Watch the trailer) from our BBC TV investigations, Bactrim No Rx.

Bobby Kennedy, in his masterful article in Rolling Stone, Bactrim without prescription, exposed how Ohio votes vanished in 2004. The Palast team, for BBC Television, unmasked the vicious ‘scrub’ of Black voters in Florida in 2000, buy Bactrim from mexico.

Now Kennedy and Palast have joined together with an extraordinary team of investigators to hunt the missing votes of 2008 BEFORE we have a repeat of 2000 and 2004.

I haven’t sought funding from you all this year – but now I must. Neither I nor RFK take a dime of compensation from the Palast Investigative Fund Bactrim No Rx, . Discount Bactrim, But the fund’s hit empty and we can’t ask a our brilliant crew to continue to survive on dog food – they’re beginning to bark at embarrassing moments.

Become a Producer and get personalized signed copies of the books RFK calls, “investigative masterpieces, Purchase Bactrim online no prescription, ” my books, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy and Armed Madhouse.

Or donate AT LEAST $100 – try to make it more – and get Armed Madhouse (hardbound) and the CD, “Live from the Armed Madhouse, Bactrim without a prescription,” signed.

Our investigation is non-partisan. It’s not about saving Democrats, but saving DEMOCRACY, Bactrim No Rx. Bactrim maximum dosage,

But we know who's playing games with the ballots.

FACT: On Super-Tuesday, the number of Democrats missing from voter rolls in New Mexico exceeded George Bush’s 2004 ‘victory’ total by 300%. No wonder McCain’s campaign says, Bactrim steet value, New Mexico is “in play.” The question is who’s playing with it.

Join our effort. Bactrim No Rx, If you’ve got a tip, a document, a witness – CONTACT US. And add your name to the list of Producers and Supporters.

Some Americans have taken a bullet to protect the ballot. All we’re asking is that you take a tax deduction. Add your name in bold on screen as a producer of the film that will open eyes and stop lies.

Donate HERE – and PASS ON this request to friends and patriots. Let’s stop the attack on democracy NOW – so we can make this the final investigation of a stolen election.

I can’t tell you how much your support of our investigations has meant to us.


Greg Palast

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  1. liss Says:

    A documentary in progess about the electon fraud in Pima County and the lawsuit that yielded the largest number of voter databases opened to the public in US history…

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