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Attorney Papantonio on Mike Malloy Show: 'We're gonna shut down some of these companies'! Armour For Sale, Excoriates 'Indolent Democrats' and 'Lazy Media' for Not Taking Action; Lauds BRAD BLOG for Putting Issue on 'Radar Screen'…

The first of several federal whistleblower qui tam (fraud) suits have now been filed against one of America's major electronic voting machine companies, The BRAD BLOG can now report.

Florida attorney Mike Papantonio who, Armour australia, uk, us, usa, along with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hosts Ring of Fire, where can i buy cheapest Armour online, weekends on Air America Radio, Armour from canadian pharmacy, was a guest on Mike Malloy's radio program last night (complete audio linked at the URL below.) He discussed the upcoming whistleblower suits that he and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are filing against several of the voting machine companies, Armour For Sale. Pap was loaded for bear, where to buy Armour.

During the interview, Armour blogs, he gave several new details on the federal fraud suits now being filed, which include several whistleblower plaintiffs whose stories were originally reported here at The BRAD BLOG, as mentioned last week in a quick item here with some fresh details of our own, Armour gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Pap reported last night that the "dream team of lawyers" they've assembled to take on these evil, Online Armour without a prescription, irresponsible, anti-American companies includes a bunch of those who took on the tobacco companies in a successful quarter billion dollar suit — so they're not likely easily intimidated we'd think.

Papantonio is a senior partner at Levin Papantonio Thomas Mitchell Echsner & Proctor, online buying Armour hcl, P.A., Buy Armour online no prescription, a Pensacola lawfirm. Armour For Sale, RFK Jr. is also an "of counsel" member of the firm.

Speaking of the level of fraud to be revealed by the suits, Armour mg, which must be sealed by law for 60 days as the Attorney General decides if they will join the complaint, Armour recreational, Papantonio told Malloy: "When you hear the details, when you hear the caliber of the fraud…you…it'll make Americans feel like their living in a damned banana republic, a third world country, Armour online cod. I have never heard such outrageous facts."

"And you know what?, Armour brand name, " he continued, "We've had our investigators look at it. We verified everything, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. And when you hear it, you're gonna say, 'Not in America.' …Bad news is: Yeah, it is in America."

The fraud suits, Papantonio said, are "a way to get at their money, and that's the only thing these people understand."

"At the end of the day, we're gonna shut down some of these companies," Papantonio said, Armour For Sale. "Some day these hacks are gonna be across the table from me, Purchase Armour, and they're gonna have to answer the questions that nobody else has been able to ask them."

Pap excoriated the DNC, "the indolent Democrats and the lazy media," for not participating in any of this and decried the fact that he and RFK Jr. were essentially forced to take action on their own given the Dems failure to do anything.

He also spoke of the voting machine "sleepovers" about which we've been reporting here in detail of late. As well, he had several kind words for this website and several other election integrity groups. "Unless you had these organizations out there like Black Box Voting or BRAD BLOG, people like that paying attention to this, this wouldn't even be on the radar screen," he said...


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